Update on IARIW Activities
Reminder of the August 31 Deadline for Submission of Abstracts for the 30th IARIW General Conference and Update on IARIW Activities

The main purpose of this message is to remind IARIW members that August 31 is the deadline for submission of abstracts for the 30th IARIW General Conference to be held in Portaroz, Slovenia August 24-30, 2008. Information on the submission process is posted at www.iariw.org/call2008.php as well as in the June 2007 issue of the Review of Income and Wealth. All members are strongly encouraged to submit proposals for papers for the thematic sessions or other sessions. Papers themselves are not required at this stage; it is proposals we seek.

IARIW-NBS Conference in Beijing September 18-21, 2007

There is still space available at the conference “Experiences and Challenges in Measuring Income and Wealth in Transition Economies” that the IARIW is organizing with the National Bureau of Statistics of China. The conference will be held September 18-21, 2007 at the Friendship Hotel in Beijing. The program is posted at http://www.iariw.org/chinaconference.php. While all participants must register, there is no registration fee for IARIW members. The on-line registration form maintained by NBS is posted at http://nbs-iariw.stats.gov.cn/. The User ID is IARIW and the password 2007918. The cost of accommodation at the Friendship hotel is around US$80 per night, including meals. The conference will be of great interest to researchers with an interest in national accounting and poverty and income distribution issues in transition economics, especially China. Members are asked to forward notice of the conference to non-IARIW colleagues with interests in these areas as the conference is open to non-members.

IARIW Annual Membership Meeting

The IARIW bylaws require that a membership meeting be held on an annual basis. As the full membership only meets every two years at the General Conference, we conduct a brief membership meeting by conference call in the non-General Conference years such as 2007. This year’s meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 9. The time of the call will be 11 AM in the Eastern time zone of North America, 4 PM in England and 5 PM in Western Europe. The membership meeting will be preceded by a Council meeting. The agenda of the membership meeting will be posted on the IARIW website by the end of August. Details on how to participate in the conference call will be emailed to members in September. If you are interested in participating in the membership meeting, please note the date and time in your calendar.

Ruggles Memorial Fund Prize

The Nancy and Richard Ruggles Memorial Fund provides a prize in the form of a grant of up to US$2,500 for an individual or individuals to attend the General Conference of the International Association for Research in Income and Wealth (IARIW). The aims of the grant are to promote diversity among conference participants and to support the development of human resources in countries with less fully developed statistical systems. The prize is awarded to persons 35 and under. Details on the prize for the 2008 General Conference are posted at www.iariw.org/ruggles_grant.php. Persons eligible for the prize are strongly encouraged to apply.

Distribution of IARIW Membership

A document on trends in IARIW membership and its geographical distribution has been prepared by the secretariat and is posted at ahttp://www.iariw.org/memberinform.php. The IARIW has members in 52 countries. On July 31, 2007 the number of IARIW members was 414, up 10 per cent from 377 in 2004. Developed countries accounted for 84.3 per cent of the membership, transition countries 8.9 per cent, and developing countries 6.8 per cent. The main change between 2004 and 2007 was the 48 per cent increase in membership in transition countries, largely due to the interest generated up the IARIW-NBS conference that is taking place this September in Beijing.


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