IARIW Session on National Accounts Issues at 2019 ISI World Statistics Congress, Programme
IARIW Session on the "System of National Accounts (SNA): Past Experiences and Future Challenges" at 2019 ISI World Statistics Congress, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, August 18-23, 2019

Updated August 26, 2019


The worldwide System of National Accounts (SNA) 2008 provides the methodological basis for compiling national accounts statistics in a comparable way across countries and over time. Given that this methodology was adopted over 10 years ago, some think it is time for an update. One question posed is whether the global financial crisis and the subsequent rescue measures have been well captured by the SNA. Other issues include whether changes in the economic landscape, such as increased globalization and digitalization, require a revision of the SNA methodology and how distributional and ecological developments could be better integrated into the SNA. The considerable number of SNA-related handbooks and manuals published since 2008 may be a reason for an update of the SNA 2008.

Although such questions are very relevant, the feeling at the international level is that there is no appetite for launching an update of the SNA 2008 at this time. The priority is broadening the implementation of the SNA methodology. On the other hand, it is obvious that an update is unavoidable in the (near) future. The objective of this session is to prepare the ground work for such an update of the SNA 2008, based on past experiences and future challenges. The session will provide both a stocktaking by looking at current experiences with the SNA 2008 and a look ahead by identifying challenges for a future SNA. The session brings together senior officials from the agencies responsible for producing SNA estimates for Germany and OECD countries as well as senior officials from important users of the SNA (IMF and European Central Bank).

    IPS 195 Session: System of National Accounts (SNA): Past Experiences and Future Challenges

    Thursday, August 22, 10:30-12:30

    Chair: Andrew Sharpe (Executive Director, IARIW)

  • “It's About Time for a Change: Broadening the SNA Framework to Account for Sustainability and Well-being” by Peter van de Ven (Head of National Accounts, OECD) [Abstract][Paper]

  • “Broadening the Scope of GDP – a Stocktaking on Including Ecological Developments and Other Basic Conceptual Amendments” by Albert Braakmann (Head of National Accounts, Federal Statistical Office, Germany, and Past President, IARIW) [Abstract][Paper]

  • “Implementing Globalization in National Accounts: Practical Steps in Europe” by Silke Stapel (European Central Bank) and Albert Braakmann (Head of National Accounts, Federal Statistical Office, Germany, and Past President, IARIW)[Abstract][Paper]

  • "The Next Generation of International Statistical Standards: an IMF View" by Gabriel Quiros-Romero (Deputy Director, Statistics Department, International Monetary Fund) [Abstract][Paper]


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